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By Communications Committee on 9/16/2017

Early this August, Pui Tak Center arranged for five Chinese families to participate in a family camp designed for children with special needs. The camp took place in the Conference Point Center in Wisconsin...  

By Communications Committee on 9/11/2017

八月初由培德中心安排下的五個有特殊需要的華人家庭參加了一個特別為有殘障、智障孩 子的家庭營,營地設置在威康辛州的 Conference Point Center... 

By Communications Committee on 8/29/2017

今年的退修會很難得,是由粵語堂與城南堂聯合舉辦,籌委會當然是兩堂的弟兄姊妹組成,據聞有部份是素不相識的, 在年齡及教會年日都不相同,竟然在會議中,同工配搭上,融洽相處,同心竭力,會後都覺得很有意義,這的確是退修會的一個大成功!可喜可賀!


By Communications Committee on 5/3/2017

This blog will periodically feature articles from its predecessor, the CCUC Messenger Newsletter. So please enjoy this special article from our very own Rev. Ming Lee entitled: A Church to Fulfill the Commission: Local Mission? Foreign Mission?



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