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First Year Anniversary of the Young Adult Movement. The Birth of South’s First English Prayer Fellowship...

Oct 29

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Since CCUC-South’s inception thirty-three years ago, it has focused on the Chinese of Bridgeport, who for years, were mainly immigrants. As these Chinese immigrants settled down and worked their hardest to pursue their American dreams, their children were also blending into the American culture. Some were even born in America. These, who were born or born again here in America, were the first Yammies. 

Being English-speakers in a Cantonese-speaking church, these children were highly cherished for their uniqueness. Cantonese doesn’t seem to be their mother tongue. And culturally speaking, they did an excellent job blending into the American culture. Within this Cantonese-speaking church whose congregation mainly consisted of Chinese immigrants, one could only imagine how “at home” did these children felt. According to one Yammie, they were all fish out of water.

Eventually, God showed CCUC-South the need to reach out to these children and provided guidance along the way. Then in October 2016, one year ago, CCUC-South’s first English prayer fellowship, the Young Adult Movement (YAM), was born.

Other than having members whose thinking and ways that differs from Chinese immigrants, YAM also have other qualities that makes it stand out such as its heavy emphasis on prayer. Prior to the start of every program, a prayer meeting takes place. In this meeting, the Yammies prays for the church, the community, and all those around us.

Today when we Yammies look back, gratitude is what we feel. We are thankful that God provided a place for us, fish out of water, and a home for more to come. Even though we stand out among this Chinese culture backdrop, there are things we share: the love of God and desire to spread His words to our community and those who are around us. No matter how different we are, we are still one family brought together by the grace of God.

YAM meets every Wednesday at 7PM, usually at South, but sometimes at a secret dinner location.  

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