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Bible Sword Drill at CCUC-South

May 7

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The Bible competition, or more commonly known as the "sword drill", was held on March 25 at CCUC-South.  Many of the South's members participated, and came very well-prepared, studying the book of Acts more than two months in advance.  Members were sorted into their respective fellowships (Ruth - Women, Daniel - Young Adult, Immanuel - Young Couple, Songs of Songs - Couple, and the rest sorted randomly into each group), and participated in a three-round contest.  The hosts of the game were Brandon Zhang, Esther Yeung and Ivy Siu; and the judges were Hazel Or,  CCUC's Director of Family Ministry, and Deacon Wei Wu Chen.



The first round was Q&A.  Each fellowship would send out 2 participants, and each fellowship would take turn answering a question with the associated point value of their choosing, similar to Jeopardy!.  A correct answer would give the team the point value of the question, and takes only that team to the Double Jeopardy section, while an incorrect answer would result in a loss of 100 points and allow other teams to compete to ring-in using a buzzer and answer the same question for the same amount of points.  In the Double Jeopardy section, a point value associated with the question is given, and the team can choose to whether they would answer or not.  A correct answer would result in gaining double of point value for the question while an incorrect answer would result in the loss of the point value for the question, instead of 100 points.

Bible Sword Drill "Battle" Instructions

Round 3, one team struggled to answer with 10 seconds left

The second round was the sharing contest, where each fellowship would take turn sending out 3 participants, who would share a Bible verse/passage and their thoughts related to the passage in two minutes.  The participants were judged on its contents, along with their ability to communicate the message and to finish within two minutes.The final round was the toss-up.  Each team would send out 1 participant, who then would compete to ring-in with the buzzer when the question was read.  A successful answer would award the team the announced point value of the question, while failure to answer correctly resulted in a loss of 100 points.

Excitement in the air!  Emmanual Fellowship cheered after they scored

After three rounds of fierce competition, Daniel Fellowship's team finished first overall in the standing, and as such, a Coffee Maker was awarded as their prize for the win.  Other prizes, such as the best sharing award, the best teamwork award, and the risk-taker award, were also handed out to teams and participants as well.  Overall, the atmosphere was festive and members of the congregation were able to dive deeper and learn more about the book of Acts.

By Jackson Tong

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