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Some Thoughts by Grace Tung

Jan 24

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1/24/2019  RssIcon

There were two couples that I knew since I was young that came to visit me recently. We had not seen each other for 40 years. We talked about our past and how we were poor growing up. As children, we were always worry-free even though we did not have toys or allowances, but we had so much joy making our own toys with creativity. Although there were no delicacies, our stomachs were always full of delicious food. Life was wonderful.  There was never a dull moment. Talking about old times made us feel jubilant and sentimental.

After reminiscing about our childhoods, we first realized growing up with God was such blessing! His abundant grace, His protection and His guidance kept us from going astray when we didn’t have much. Like a plant in the nature, God as its life source.  Also, we grew up surrounded by a group of loving brothers and sisters who cared not only about us but our parents as well. They were always there to lend a hand. Their actions warmed our hearts. No wonder my mother always said, "Thank you, Jesus!” and “Thank you, Father!" when she was alive. Now, in retrospect, not only were they good memories but in many ways, have influenced my life.

最近分別有兩對少時認識的夫婦來探望我,都是相隔約40 年未見,故一見面就談過去,且不約而同的有一個同感,就是我們都是在貧困中長大,孩提時,我們從不知愁滋味,沒有玩具,零花錢,我們創意設計的玩意郤玩得不亦樂乎;雖沒有山珍海味,但總覺得所吃的美味可口,把肚皮填得滿滿的,生活得多姿多彩;更沒有苦、悶的問題,這些回味我們談得眉飛色舞;我們總結有一點小分析,一是我們都在主的恩典中長大,有神的祝福和恩領,沒有學壊,在大自然的環境下發掘自生的能力,所以自小信主的祝福實在太珍貴!二是我們的周遭有一群愛我們、關心我們的教會弟兄姊妹,他們對於我們這些家庭實在提供了不少的幫助,不論是我們的父母,我們這些小淘氣,總是守望相助的伸出愛心的手,仍是孩子的我們都覺得暖暖的,也難怪母親在世時的“謝謝耶穌” “謝謝天父” 口頭禪常掛在口邊 ,現在回想起來,除了有不少的回味,也帶給我生命的影響。

Speaking of things that affected my life, I remember while in Hong Kong, I participated in a fasting event called "30 Hour Famine", organized by World Vision with a goal to promote child sponsorship. During my childhood, my family sponsored several children.  We were eating and living in the same house as a family. We had a record high of having 8 kids under one roof for some time. It certainly wasn’t easy for my mother to take care of all the children alone but I think my mom enjoyed how our home was filled with many laughter, noises and actions, compare to having only my sister and I home. This made me understand that many families have needs greater than mine, and the thought of caring for others had been sprouting in my heart since then.

Participating in “30 Hour Famine” has deepened my awareness of those who are in need. After my mother passed away, my sister and I sponsored a girl from India until she finished school in honor of my mother and the hard work she put in to nurture us. At the same time, I came to know the Herald Children’s Village ministry and the ministry’s coworkers. When I went to Hong Kong, I visited some of the children that were sponsored by CCUC. I was enlightened by this and finally joined the ministry of Children’s Village. I lived with the children for about four years in China. In the course of my life, the love and care I received during my childhood really had a huge impact on me.

說起影響生命的事,又記得在香港,曾參與了一個叫 “ 饑饉三十” 的行動,由世界宣明會主辦,之後就推動助養兒童的計劃,這又令我連想到在兒時,家中有好幾個孩子是由一機構轉來被助養的,他們在我們家一起生活,同吃共住,就像一家人,最高紀錄我們家有八個孩子,母親一人照顧,的確不簡單,但郤是熱熱鬧鬧的,比起我們只有兩姐妹開心多了,更讓我了解到很多的家庭比我們有更多的需要,這一份顧念別人的心早已萌芽了;當年“ 饑饉三十” 的行動更擴闊了我對有需要人的關注,在母親被接返天家時,我和妹妹特別助養了一個印度的女孩,直至她完成學業來記念和回餽母親過去培育我們的辛勞,與其同時,我認識了角聲兒童村的事工及那裡的同工,在我回香港時又曾親自探訪了一些聯合教會助養的孩子,這都帶給我很多很多的啟發,最後我竟然加入了兒童村的事工,與孩子們共同生活了前後四年多的時間,我的人生歷程中,不得不記念幼時得到眾多愛心人仕關愛對我的影響!

Information of Sponsor a Child from World Vision 宣明會資助小孩的資料

In October, CCUC promoted the "Matthew 25 Challenge". The nature of the challenge reminded me of “30 Hour Famine”. I debated whether I should participate since I have done similar challenges before.  However, after some considerations and knowing the needs still exist today, I took on the challenge. That week's experience led me to relive how difficult life can be when I faced challenges like poverty, food and water scarcity. At the same time, I am thankful to God for the abundant life I have now in North America. I don’t know if and how God will use this to impact my life, but these five days have been very special. I wrote down my feelings and thoughts every day. I prayed for those who are in need and that God will touch those are able help the people in need.

今年十月,聯合教會推行了 “馬太25” 行動,當我一看就發覺與 “饑饉三十” 極為相似,曾考慮是否要參與,再思之後,我覺得縱然已是過來人,但今天仍有關注貧困孩童及社區的需要,我仍可參與,這一周的經歷讓我重溫缺食、缺水、在艱苦環境中的生活的景象,並向神獻上北美豐裕生活的感恩,我不知神是否尚會給我一些對我生命有影響的教導,不過這五天已是我一個很特別的時段,每天我都把感想寫下了,在禱告中繼續的祈求主幫助那些有需要的人,也感動能供應需要的人。

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